IEE Projects combines functions of a documents storage facility, a project management system and a professional network. IEE Projects provides opportunity to create your company portal on the Internet or LAN, to work with projects, to store project-associated documents, and to communicate with staff and other system users.

The basic functions of the corporate portal:

  • Storing employees' personal profiles;
  • Storing the company's structure, incl. its main departments and divisions;
  • Storing information on addresses of the company's main departments and divisions;
  • Multiple-user access to and work with the  company documents;
  • Effective search throughout the entire portal;
  • Multiple-user access to and work with the company projects;
  • Work with knowledge bases and normative codes library of the company;
  • Integration with specialized services (accounting and planning systems, geoinformation systems, systems of electronic document management and business planning)

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This environment allows to create and use computational worksheets for the most diverse areas of engineering.

IEE Mathematics allows:

  • To access computational worksheets created by other users.
  • To create worksheets in the special integrated development interface set up to work with mathematical formulae and based on the popular programming environment called Eclipse ™. For simple computations no special programming knowledge is necessary.
  • To perform analytical transformations using Symja ™ system of symbolic calculus.
  • To combine mathematical expressions with algorithms of any complexity written in Java ™ programming language.
  • To transform a program text into an application which can be started directly from your browser. The program itself turns into an input-output interface, and the transformation into the browser application is done automatically.
  • To publish the prepared worksheet in the Internet. Users will have the opportunity to publish worksheets on their own paid-access pages.

We invite engineers of various specialities to exchange their calculation and analysis experience on the IEE Mathematics platform, as well as to earn out of their knowledge and expertise. IEE Mathematics was created to make analytical calculations more convenient than when performed on a sheet of a paper, while being not less clear and, on top of that, accessible from any tablet or smartphone.

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The finite-element method is the most convenient tool for solution of various engineering problems.

The offered system of IEE Finite Elements allows:

  • To perform geometrical modelling using all tools of a powerful OpenCASCADE ™ based library.
  • To perform modelling in the special graphic editor or parametrical modelling in Java ™ programming language.
  • To generate finite-element meshes with automatic conjugation of meshes for contiguous geometrical objects
  • To solve problems of any complexity on a special computational server with use of highly parallel calculations.
  • To display and analyze calculation results on a local computer.
  • To upload and solve the created parametrical problems in the Internet.

IEE Finite Elements makes the finite-element method accessible from your tablet or smartphone!

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