IEE stands for Integrated Engineering Environment

The purpose behind creation of the IEE is providing a working environment for representatives of different engineering branches.

The idea of creating this environment was inspired by current professional activities of the project supervisors, who are civil and geotechnical engineers themselves, and aptly see the modern Cloud technologies as effective in assisting engineers in their daily professional activities.

ieeCloud includes three large projects.


IEE Projects


is a project management engine. In his or her daily activities each engineer either manages a project or participates in one, be that design of a building or applied research. Projects have timeframes and deadlines, or there can be subprojects and interrelations which are good to be kept in sight. Finally, during project implementation numerous files are created, which can be conveniently associated with projects. Apart from project management, IEE Projects is also a professional network, in which engineers can communicate with each other and participate in teamwork. At this moment the site is running a demo version of the iee Cloud.  So far it reflects the structure of work on our projects only generally. You can also try to look over the organization structure, to create your own trial project, to work with files and with project participants. While this regime is running in the demo mode, the changes you make are saved for one day only. But we are actively developing the system and you can keep an eye on the ongoing changes in the demo portal. In future there will be opportunity to create a fully functioning company portal on the Internet and to organize simultaneous members' teamwork with the uniform file storage facility. The system is designed in such a way that it allows to set up a company portal in its own LAN. In this case it is possible to ensure a higher speed electronic document exchange with increased data security.  


IEE Finite Elements


is a solution of a broadest range of problems using the finite-element method. The project supervisors themselves are known specialists in the field of finite-element-based solutions of geotechnical and soil-structure interaction problems. The program is informed with the authors' long-term experience in practical numerical simulations of complex buildngs and structures with nonlinear subsoils. Yet, creating the program for finite-element calculations we strived to create a universal tool which can be used by representatives of a wider range of engineering branches. IEE Finite Elements is an open product and we invite engineers of different specialities to join  us in development of new finite elements and material models.


IEE Mathematics

is an environment which allows to perform calculations based on analytical dependencies as well as more complex algorithms. In his or her daily activities each engineer needs to perform calculations. Sometimes those calculations get out of hand taking more time and labour than originally envisaged, in which case speeding them up a bit may begin to look like a very attractive idea. This environment allows engineers to create computational worksheets, to publish their finished calculations on the Internet or LAN, as well as to use worksheets created by other users for their own calculations.


​At this moment the site is running a demo version of the iee Cloud. You can keep an eye on the ongoing changes in the demo portal, which contains the structure of the project developers group, as well as the news and the message boards.